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I thought it would be nice to share links to artists I find inspiring and awesome.  If you have artists you love, please do share them with me.

  • Tracy Boyd – a personal friend and an amazing fine artist.  As both her scale and energy are intense and visceral, I cannot recommend trying to get an opportunity to experience her work in person.
  • Julie Dillon – I listened to Julie present at NorwesCon and 2015 WorldCon, and where she won Best Professional Artist for Hugo 2015.  What I love about her art is her refusal to follow typical fantasy tropes with her strong, realistically rendered female protagonists that dominate (all of?) her work.
  • Mark Ferrari – another person I’d call a friend, albeit he and I only met briefly at a few cons, is an equally gifted artist and wonderful human being.  Again, see is original work in person is ideal, especially when you appreciate some of his earlier work is done in colored pencil.
  • Elizabeth Leggett – I met Elizabeth at the 2015 WorldCon where she won Best Fan Artist for Hugo 2015.  There is nothing “fan art” about her approach or technique, though.
  • Todd Lockwood – Todd is both a talented artist and now published author.  He likes to draw dragons.  Enough said.  He is awesome.
  • Chuck Lukacs – I’ve not had the pleasure of meeting in person, but I love his illustrations.  He has an interview in Dragon+ magazine (Ravenloft Awaits edition) that is worth reading.
  • Lee Moyer – I’ve had the distinct pleasure of listening to Lee talk at a number of cons on a myriad of topics.  His presenter personality is equal parts acerbic, sardonic, sarcastic and insightful.  He is not a person without a strong opinion.

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