Fey Eladrin

Forgotten Realms’ Eladrin including fey elfs who, after centuries of living in the Feywild, have adopted to their new existence including the ability to change their appearance to fit their mood, assuming characteristics of the season.

It’s a great concept, especially as an artist, as it gives me a chance to portray a single character multiple times, all with different color scheme and emotional subtext. While I’ve yet to do that with this character, I wanted to incorporate Autumnal colors into a female.

I followed my typical process of sketching out what I wanted, then quickly blocking in values while adding details till I was satisfied I had enough to begin the coloring process. As with previous pictures, I used a gradient map to help establish a foundation. I then added a color layer over top, knocked back to about 20% opacity. I did a lot of additional layers of Add and Multiple as I tweaked the original values a lot to bring out details I did not have originally. You can see this specifically with the hair which had no highlights in both the gradient map and values, but you can see in the other versions.

You can see that

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