Sky Dragon

The last in the series of dragon concepts I did for C.R. Sandidge wines, I finally spent some time to do a rendering.  While a little less painterly, I thought the balance of line and painterly approaches melded well together.

I did not have a final image in mind, as it were, with the rendering so much of this is purely organic.  Given that I was quite literally flying myself, I decided that the dragon should be flying high above the clouds.  Unfortunately, as I was away from the internet I did not have a lot of good references for rendering clouds at sunset; that said, I think the clouds all said came out well enough.  Nevertheless, on reflection, I wish I spent more time on the clouds to better giver the sense of sunsetting over them.

I had an idea of the dragon have some Asian accents, but I was curious about it have fur over parts of its upper torso, along with the idea of the mane being gaseous and alight in light and flame.

While too late, I sorta agree with others that a closed maw would have worked better for this dragon.  I decided I was “done” by the time I got this feedback, and decided to let is rest as-is.

If you scroll to the bottom you can watch a time-lapse of the dragon revealing itself.  Note, it is a little longer at 3 minutes, but hopefully you find the time well-spent.


Initial pass with some details getting fleshed out.
More progression with the rendering
Final render

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